Official Description for the 2014-2015

The objective of the competition is to build and launch a hybrid powered rocket.  There are two

categories of competition to choose from.  The first category consists of launching a hybrid

rocket to the maximum altitude.  The second category challenges the teams to fly their rocket

closest to 2000 feet in altitude.  There must be at least two teams competing in each category.  If

there is only one team, that team will be asked to move to the other category.


1.   The rocket can be built from scratch or from a kit.

2.   The engine must be a hybrid motor rated “G” or from a lower class.  The engine can be

built from scratch or purchased from a company.  NOTE: If the motor is built from

scratch or is modified in anyway, a minimum of 2 documented motor tests must be done

to demonstrate the safety, quality, and performance of the motor.  Documentation must

be performed and submitted two weeks before launch and must show thrust curves,

impulse, burn-time, etc. from the 2 tests (please confer with the judges prior to making

any modifications to the motor).

3.   Points will be awarded for the phases of the competition.  The successful flight is worth

80% of the total points and the teams Engineering Notebook report is worth 20% of the

total points.  The points for each part are as follows:

1.   Points for Flight

 100 pts for highest or closest to altitude

 90 pts for 2nd highest or closest to altitude

 80 pts or 3rd highest or closest to altitude

 70 pts for 4th highest or closest to altitude

 0-10 pts for self built motor

 0-5 pts for self built rocket

2.   Points for Engineering Notebook

 Rocksim or other software Simulations (30 pts)

 Engineering Data (70 pts)


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